Originally based in the Memphis, Tennessee area and now in Greenville, Mississippi, PRESTO-TAP® LLC, “The Propane Safety Company™”, is committed to engineering innovative, safety-focused products to serve the propane gas industry. Its flagship products, the patented and UL Listed PRESTO-TAP ® Leak Detection System (LDS) line of products, offers a new and efficient way for drivers to test for leaks, obtain pressure readings, and confirm the presence of gas in LP tanks. Because this easy-to-use system requires no special tools and only minimal training, drivers and servicemen can easily comply with industry-mandated leak detection and documentation procedures while avoiding the added time associated with “normal” testing procedures and the additional cost of unnecessary service calls.

The primary mission of PRESTO-TAP® is to promote increased safety and simplify the leak detection process, thereby

contributing to the LP dealer’s bottom line.

  • Founded in May 1998, PRESTO-TAP® LLC is headquartered in Greenville, Mississippi.
  • Jimmie Shaw, a Mississippi State Fire Marshal and 40-year propane industry veteran, designed the system with the highest safety standards in mind. And, ongoing research and development continues to add new LDS products.
  • The PRESTO-TAP ® LDS includes a specially designed pigtail and other tank pressure products intended for permanent installation on a customer’s LP tank, the 300PSIG Ambient Temperature Gauge with Quick Coupler, the LDS 2000/RV Regulator Valve, the LPV “Tamper-Resistant” Shut-Off Valve, and the LDS 2000/TG Test Unit for mobile gauges.
  • The system is recommended for use on all new tank installations, tanks of habitual out-of-gas customers, customer owned tanks, and tanks where it will be necessary to “break the system” for leak testing, regulator replacement or repair.
  • The LDS can be used anywhere propane is supplied from an external storage tank to internal appliances, including private residences, hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, and other businesses.
  • Distribution is nationwide, from Maine to Florida and westward to Hawaii and Alaska.
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